How to Use WOW Studies

WOW Studies are designed to be used in groups, especially with a leader who can expand on the studies and help those in the group apply the lessons to their own lives. Lois originally designed the Bible study to begin with participants in small groups to discuss the lesson they studied during the week. They would then come back together for a lecture from Lois that expanded on the scriptures being studied. You can choose to use the studies however it best fits your group, or yourself.

When you purchase a study, it can be used in a single group for up to 1 year. If you are wanting to use the same study in a different group at your church, we ask that they purchase the study as well. Since our prices are so low, we try to keep the use of our studies fair and still keep WOW up and running! Once you have purchased the desired lessons, you have permission to copy them for use in your group so you need only purchase a set of originals.

If you're wanting to use the studies for a very large group (over 100 attendees), we ask that you purchase the study once for every 100 attendees in your group. (i.e. if you have 150 attendees, you would purchase the study twice.) You may then make as many copies as you need for those in your group. Many churches pass along the cost of copies to their attendees. This is up to you.

Each lesson in a study is designed to be done over the course of five days and is divided in that manner. You can see a sample lesson HERE.